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Music Ministry

Music in the liturgy is a ministry in that its purpose is to serve by leading the assembly in expressing and sharing their gift of faith. Liturgical music has the ability to cultivate, strengthen and deepen the spiritual experience of those gathered for worship. Music makes prayer more pleasing, promotes a sense of unity within the congregation and invokes greater solemnity upon the sacred rites.

Our parish community has several opportunities for individuals to share their talents and enhance our liturgical celebrations through sacred music.

  • Parish Choir - This group of singers supports the sung prayer of the assembly at all weekend Masses. All levels of musical skill and knowledge are welcome! All choir members are required to attend rehearsal on Wednesday evenings if they plan to sing at a weekend Mass.
  • Celebration Choir - The Celebration Choir is assembled several times during the course of the year to provide musical leadership at our special liturgies, especially Christmas Eve and the Masses of the Triduum. If you aren't able to commit to serving with the Parish Choir but want to have the experience of singing in a group for a short period of time, the Celebration Choir is great for you. All levels of music skill and knowledge are welcome!
  • Cantors - Cantors are an essential part of the liturgy as they lead the sung prayer of the assembly at all Masses. Cantors should have experience in singing in public and have at least a basic knowledge of music. All cantors are required to meet with the Pastoral Musician or accompanist for at least one hour before they sing at a Mass so as to prepare for their special role in the liturgy.
  • Instrumentalists - Do you play the piano or guitar? How about the violin, flute or trumpet? Instruments are a welcome part of our liturgical music as they help to highlight and heighten our sung prayer. Instruments are especially utilized during our celebrations of the liturgical holidays. All levels of skill are welcome, and music will be selected to fit your particular instrumental gifts.

Primary Contact:  Melissa Gump

Phone:  (304) 363-5796