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The Safe Environment Program by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston consists of the following components: –

  • Background Checks –
  • Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children (June 2018) –
  • Awareness training for adults (VIRTUS online or live training)

All three components (Background Checks, Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children, and Awareness Training for Adults – VIRTUS) are mandated by the Diocese for persons seeking employment or seeking to volunteer, directly or indirectly with children, within the Diocese of Wheeling–Charleston and any entity that falls under the Diocese. Every year, the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston – as well as all other Dioceses in the United States – is audited by the USCCB’s independent agency for compliance with its Safe Environment mandate. An employee is defined as a person who performs regular work or service and is paid by the Diocese or a Diocesan-entity (parish, school, pastoral center, etc.) A volunteer is a person who performs a regular service at no charge to the Diocese or Diocesan-entity. The Safe Environment process applies to any employees or volunteers who work directly or indirectly with children/minors. A person is considered in compliance with the Safe Environment Policy upon successful completion of all three components. The background check includes a nationwide sex offender search. Every employee and volunteer is issued the Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children so that he or she clearly knows the Diocese’s stance on this issue. And lastly, the online or live training is intended to raise awareness regarding sex abuse. Priests, deacons, and seminarians are considered employees, and the Safe Environment process applies to them. Priests, deacons, and seminarians also are required to complete additional awareness training above and beyond the initial VIRTUS module, as well as more frequent background checks compared to other employees and volunteers.

Local Safe Environment Announcements

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