Immaculate Conception Church

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Adminstrative Ministries

Money Counters

We are a group of trained parishioners, divided into a team of three for each Sunday, We count the collections for all three masses begining after the 8:30 mass and ending when we finish - usually by 12:30 pm. If we have enough volunteers for the year, we only have a total of six turns in a year! It is a great opportunity to serve and to get to know some of the parishioners. For more information, contact:

Jeanina Butcher-Ice

Phone: 304 363-3011


  • Our ministers' reflections:
  • "In looking for ways to serve my parish, I realize that my God given talents and abilities can be put to good use in this ministry. I also enjoy getting to know the people that I work with a little better. "(Carol H.)
  • "I started counting many years ago and I feel like it has opened so many doors to do more for my parish. I learned, while counting, the parish's needs in other areas. It has also become a great place to get to know other people in my church. "(Jeanina B.)
  • I volunteer as a Collection Counter because it is one small way I can give back to God in thanksgiving for being so blessed with His grace. Also, It is a way to participate in community life where many hands are needed carrying out the tasks of our parish. Not only do Collection Counters process the money given during Offertory, but we share fellowship & our faith during those hours too. (Sharon Z.)
  • This is my third or fourth year as a collection counter. It's been nice to get involved with the operation of the parish and do something more than just showing up for Mass. There's no special talent required, nor any public speaking, just a nice quiet way to help out a bit It's rewarding to be making a contribution to the parish. Meeting, and getting to know, fellow parishioners has been an added bonus. The ministry is a great opportunity to come out of the pew, so to speak, be a hands on member of the parish community, and make some new friends. (John M.)